Cabo Villas Resort - Greedy owners add illegal surcharge

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Cabo Villas charges $860 for annual maintenance fees for a 2-Bdrm unit.In 2013, they charged ll owners another fee to make improvements.

With 8,000 members, the owners greedily grabbed another $600,000, on top of the millions they collect annually in maintenance fees. It was an illegal fee because the timeshare contract states very clearly they need majority approval from members. When asked about this, they couldn't explain why members were not given a chance to vote. They are removing privileges for those who refuse to pay.

These Minnesota owners have joined the ranks of the greedy, corrupt Wall Street crooks who stole our country from us.

Shame on them.Just like the Wall Street brethren, they subscribe to the "rich get richer" schemes, and could care less about the little people who have made them millionaires!

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